BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
PreMemMeasurePPIImplement Tcg2MeasurePpi. The interface will be available before & after Memo...Zhang, Chao B3 years
UDK2008sync patch r11075, r11087, r11088, r11091, r11092, r11119 from main trunk.lgao49 years
UDK2010.SR1Copy head(r18255) from main trunk excluding UNI files.Jeff Fan6 years
UDK2014CodeModule: BaseTools - tools_def.txt VS2010, VS2010x86, VS2012 and VS2012x86...lhauch7 years
UDK2014.SP1MdeModulePkg/SmmCorePerfLib: [CVE-2017-5753] Fix bounds check bypassHao Wu3 years
UDK2015SecurityPkg/OpalPWSupportLib: [CVE-2017-5753] Fix bounds check bypassHao Wu3 years
UDK2017SecurityPkg/OpalPasswordExtraInfoVariable.h: Remove the deprecated guid and v...Eric Dong2 years
UDK2018UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: [CVE-2017-5753] Fix bounds check bypassHao Wu3 years
masterUefiCpuPkg/CpuCommonFeaturesLib: Correct the CPU location checkDaoxiang Li19 hours
stable/202011MdeModulePkg/Library/VarCheckLib: Allow SetVariable from SMMMichael D Kinney5 months
edk2-stable202105edk2-stable202105.tar.gz  edk2-stable202105.tar.bz2  Andreas Sandberg4 weeks
edk2-stable202102edk2-stable202102.tar.gz  edk2-stable202102.tar.bz2  Sheng Wei4 months
edk2-stable202011edk2-stable202011.tar.gz  edk2-stable202011.tar.bz2  James Bottomley7 months
edk2-stable202008edk2-stable202008.tar.gz  edk2-stable202008.tar.bz2  Zhang, Shenglei10 months
edk2-stable202005edk2-stable202005.tar.gz  edk2-stable202005.tar.bz2  Ard Biesheuvel13 months
edk2-stable202002edk2-stable202002.tar.gz  edk2-stable202002.tar.bz2  Leo Duran16 months
edk2-stable201911edk2-stable201911.tar.gz  edk2-stable201911.tar.bz2  Kubacki, Michael A19 months
edk2-stable201908edk2-stable201908.tar.gz  edk2-stable201908.tar.bz2  Feng, Bob C22 months
edk2-stable201905edk2-stable201905.tar.gz  edk2-stable201905.tar.bz2  Wang, Jian J2 years
edk2-stable201903edk2-stable201903.tar.gz  edk2-stable201903.tar.bz2  Liming Gao2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
19 hoursUefiCpuPkg/CpuCommonFeaturesLib: Correct the CPU location checkHEADmasterDaoxiang Li3-7/+7
3 daysArmPkg: Move cache defs used in Universal/Smbios into ArmCache.hRebecca Cran7-131/+148
5 daysMaintainers.txt: Add reviewers for ACPI and SMBIOS modulesRay Ni1-0/+2
5 daysMaintainers.txt: Add Reviewers for Universal Payload definitionsRay Ni1-0/+5
5 daysMdeModulePkg PciBusDxe: Increase the width of data read during oprom shadowSumana Venur1-2/+2
5 daysArmPkg: SpellCheck: Update valid acronyms in ExtendedWordsSean Brogan1-0/+19
5 daysArmPlatformPkg: SpellCheck: Switch spellcheck CI to AuditOnlySean Brogan1-1/+1
5 daysStandaloneMmPkg: Core: Spelling error in commentSean Brogan1-1/+1
5 daysBaseTools GenFw: Keep read only alloc section as text when convert ELFgaoliming2-2/+4
6 daysPeiCore: Remove assertion when failing to load PE imageRay Ni1-4/+1