BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
PreMemMeasurePPIImplement Tcg2MeasurePpi. The interface will be available before & after Memo...Zhang, Chao B13 months
UDK2008sync patch r11075, r11087, r11088, r11091, r11092, r11119 from main trunk.lgao47 years
UDK2010Sync part of patch r12514 from main trunk.vanjeff7 years
UDK2010.SR1Copy head(r18255) from main trunk excluding UNI files.Jeff Fan4 years
UDK2014CodeModule: BaseTools - tools_def.txt VS2010, VS2010x86, VS2012 and VS2012x86...lhauch5 years
UDK2014.SP1MdeModulePkg/SmmCorePerfLib: [CVE-2017-5753] Fix bounds check bypassHao Wu8 months
UDK2015SecurityPkg/OpalPWSupportLib: [CVE-2017-5753] Fix bounds check bypassHao Wu8 months
UDK2017SecurityPkg/OpalPasswordExtraInfoVariable.h: Remove the deprecated guid and v...Eric Dong2 months
UDK2018UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: [CVE-2017-5753] Fix bounds check bypassHao Wu8 months
masterMdePkg/BaseLib: rewrite Base64Decode()Laszlo Ersek15 hours
edk2-stable201905edk2-stable201905.tar.gz  edk2-stable201905.tar.bz2  Wang, Jian J6 weeks
edk2-stable201903edk2-stable201903.tar.gz  edk2-stable201903.tar.bz2  Liming Gao4 months
edk2-stable201811edk2-stable201811.tar.gz  edk2-stable201811.tar.bz2  Ruiyu Ni8 months
edk2-stable201808edk2-stable201808.tar.gz  edk2-stable201808.tar.bz2  Ming Huang11 months
vUDK2018edk2-vUDK2018.tar.gz  edk2-vUDK2018.tar.bz2  Kinney, Michael D16 months
vUDK2017edk2-vUDK2017.tar.gz  edk2-vUDK2017.tar.bz2  Kinney2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
15 hoursMdePkg/BaseLib: rewrite Base64Decode()HEADmasterLaszlo Ersek1-2/+247
16 hoursMdePkg/BaseLib: re-specify Base64Decode(), and add temporary stub implLaszlo Ersek2-220/+172
29 hoursUefiCpuPkg CpuCommonFeaturesLib: Enhance Ppin codeStar Zeng3-12/+72
33 hoursUefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Enable MM MP ProtocolEric Dong6-25/+1391
33 hoursMdePkg: Add new MM MP Protocol definition.Eric Dong3-0/+352
2 daysBaseTools: Fix python3.8 SyntaxWarningCole Robinson1-1/+1
3 daysEmulatorPkg/Unix: Convert timezone from seconds to minutesJordan Justen2-3/+4
3 daysEmulatorPkg/ Fix missing usage of -b BUILDTARGET parameterJordan Justen1-5/+5
4 daysEmulatorPkg: update HOST_TOOLS to xcode5Stephano Cetola1-2/+2
5 daysFmpDevicePkg: Fix various typosAntoine Cœur2-2/+2