BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
PreMemMeasurePPIImplement Tcg2MeasurePpi. The interface will be available before & after Memo...Zhang, Chao B15 months
UDK2008sync patch r11075, r11087, r11088, r11091, r11092, r11119 from main trunk.lgao48 years
UDK2010Sync part of patch r12514 from main trunk.vanjeff8 years
UDK2010.SR1Copy head(r18255) from main trunk excluding UNI files.Jeff Fan4 years
UDK2014CodeModule: BaseTools - tools_def.txt VS2010, VS2010x86, VS2012 and VS2012x86...lhauch5 years
UDK2014.SP1MdeModulePkg/SmmCorePerfLib: [CVE-2017-5753] Fix bounds check bypassHao Wu11 months
UDK2015SecurityPkg/OpalPWSupportLib: [CVE-2017-5753] Fix bounds check bypassHao Wu11 months
UDK2017SecurityPkg/OpalPasswordExtraInfoVariable.h: Remove the deprecated guid and v...Eric Dong5 months
UDK2018UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: [CVE-2017-5753] Fix bounds check bypassHao Wu11 months
masterMdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Fix calling PlatformBootManagerWaitCallback on 0Laszlo Ersek89 min.
edk2-stable201908edk2-stable201908.tar.gz  edk2-stable201908.tar.bz2  Feng, Bob C7 weeks
edk2-stable201905edk2-stable201905.tar.gz  edk2-stable201905.tar.bz2  Wang, Jian J4 months
edk2-stable201903edk2-stable201903.tar.gz  edk2-stable201903.tar.bz2  Liming Gao7 months
edk2-stable201811edk2-stable201811.tar.gz  edk2-stable201811.tar.bz2  Ruiyu Ni11 months
edk2-stable201808edk2-stable201808.tar.gz  edk2-stable201808.tar.bz2  Ming Huang14 months
vUDK2018edk2-vUDK2018.tar.gz  edk2-vUDK2018.tar.bz2  Kinney, Michael D19 months
vUDK2017edk2-vUDK2017.tar.gz  edk2-vUDK2017.tar.bz2  Kinney2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
89 min.MdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Fix calling PlatformBootManagerWaitCallback on 0HEADmasterLaszlo Ersek1-1/+11
25 hoursBaseTools: Fix a bug of genffs command generationFeng, Bob C1-1/+2
3 daysUefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: honor the platform's boot CPU count in AP detectionLaszlo Ersek5-40/+80
3 daysUefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: expand comment on initial AP enumerationLaszlo Ersek1-7/+29
4 daysSecurityPkg/Tcg2: Add Support Laml, Lasa for TPM2 ACPI.Jiewen Yao4-9/+60
4 daysSecurityPkg/dsc: Add PCD for Laml, Lasa for TPM2.Jiewen Yao2-0/+17
4 daysMdePkg/Include: correct Lasa in Tpm2Acpi.Jiewen Yao1-1/+1
6 daysUefiPayloadPkg/BlSupportDxe: fix ReserveResourceInGcd() callsLaszlo Ersek1-2/+2
6 daysUefiPayloadPkg/BlSupportPei: fix MMCONFIG assignment from XSDTLaszlo Ersek1-8/+11
6 daysStandaloneMmPkg/Core: stop abusing EFI_HANDLE for FwVolHeader trackingLaszlo Ersek3-46/+52